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United States
Hey, guys!! My name's Shannon!! Thanks for visiting my profile, and I'd love to get to know you!

I like working with pencils the most. I paint also, and I'd love to start drawing more with charcoal. Vine and pencils, either or.

Personality wise?? There's not much to tell, really. I'm an identical twin to the owner of the fanfictions in my gallery. Her name's Melissa, or she goes by 25Melissa25. Her name's in both, so either/or. I work part-time, which is nice being fresh out of high school, and I'm a Final Fantasy Freak. xD And I like Assassin's Creed, Black Butler, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Attack on Titan.

I'm the quiet twin. My presence and energy on deviantART is a LOT stronger than my presence in my everyday life. I'm pretty shy and asocial. I played trumpet in marching band in school.

Art is very important to me, but I'm still deciding if I wanna pursue it.

Please please please feel free to leave me a note or a comment if you have any questions, or you just wanna talk to me! There's a forum down below if you wanna ask me a question, I'll answer ALL questions or comments!

Any and all comments, favorites, llamas, etc. are EXTREMELY appreciated, and I'll try to return the love and appreciation any way that I can! I have a blog on Tumblr, and I'm also on Instagram, and Twitter. I don't have a Facebook page, and I'm sorry about that if you are interested in finding me somewhere else, but I only ask that if you follow me on either, you tell me your deviantart username, if it's different than your other usernames, so I know it's you. :D

I hope you enjoy my gallery!! :D
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I believe in Christ my Savior
  • Mood: Sociable
  • Listening to: Lots of Skillet and Gackt
  • Reading: Fanfiction
  • Watching: Black Butler and Tokyo Ghoul
  • Playing: Crisis Core
  • Eating: Barely Anything Anymore
  • Drinking: Milk
So, I guess we might just have to go back to the Olden ways.Newsboy Emote + PLZ 
And I got a LOT done on the Emperor!! :iconmnrthumbsupplz: 

Maybe I'll post some WIP pics.

We have a BUNCH of new employees at Jo-Ann's. I think they're seasonal workers for now, but they'll be moving with us when our store moves to a new location.

The one of them was observing me. It was kinda fun! And I tried to show her around the store and give her tips and pointers along the way. I've only been there three months, but if they trusted me enough to leave her with me, I guess that's a good thing!

I've just been trying to get as much art done as possible, in as short of an amount of time as possible!! I'm eventually gonna go through a phase where I can't do anything, but right now is a high-time for me, so I have to make the most of it, no?

I have a day off next Saturday too. WHOO!!! I think with the up-coming weeks, I'll have less hours to accomodate the new-comers, but hopefully I won't be in too much of a spending mood.. x) Although canvas is 50% off this week.Can't Breathe 

Anywho, I think I covered everything. I'll talk to you guys sometime! HOPEFULLY ON VIDEO!! I HOPE! 
Here, have some Fullmetal Alchemist emotes!! Courtesy of whoever made them in the first place!:alchemy: Winry RockBell Chibi 



Landscapes and Sceneries
Sunset Completed by brynhildr13
Sky-Scape!! by brynhildr13
Landscape Completed by brynhildr13
Order's Sanctuary Painting!! by brynhildr13
Phon Coast Painting (edited and lmproved) by brynhildr13
Enchanted Forest by brynhildr13
These are both from Dissidia Final Fantasy. But I'm willing to try something from another game or even a real landscape if you want.

also, these are done with water soluble oil paints, so they're not top notch, but they work EXTREMELY well, and I use Leow Cornell brushes, which are FANTASTIC!! 

But out these will be JUST a little more expensive because they need a little more time and effort and they'd need drying time cuz they're oils. 

Also, if you want a painting or drawing, but JUST can't reach the point value, message me!! We can work something out for you! Ok?? Don't hesitate!!
Dissidia/Final Fantasy
Yuna by brynhildr13
Tifa by brynhildr13
Sephiroth Take 2 by brynhildr13
Luna Delinisa Commission! by brynhildr13
Hope by brynhildr13
I can do chibis, like Theatrhythm, or a drawing of your choice! I'm most comfortable with headshots, my gallery has mostly those, as you can see. :)

The chibis are only gonna be 20 points. Commission !! (Updated version) xD by brynhildr13
Melissa's fan fictions
So far she wrote about Final Fantasy and Assassin's Creed. She can really only write about randoms she's apart of, so she can also write about Hetalia, Attack on Titan, Free!, and Black Butler. Just send me a note!! :D

here's the stipulations so far with Final Fantasy. You can pick any characters from any game, and the world, and they can battle, or maybe just interact.  Your choice. Just tell her what you wanna see written and she'll try her best!!

these are more expensive, only because I think they'll take more time and such, but the money to points ratio is RIDICULOUS!! So again, I'm  willing to work with you on points. XD

And by the way, if you want a way to get some free points, go to :icondahub:. They'll give you points for watching deviants and liking deviants' artwork and stuff.
Sven and Kristoff Commission!! by brynhildr13
Elsa by brynhildr13
Elsa and Anna Frozen Commission!! by brynhildr13
If you just ask, I could give just about anything a shot. This went for 20 dollars, but the money to points ratio was JUST TOO MUCH.  Even this is a decent amount of points. But if that's just too much, and you, like, REALLY REALLY want one, just talk to me. I can work with you. XD

The Elsa drawing is a 9x12, and that'll be cheaper. I'd say about 50 to 100. The Sven and Kristoff  and Elsa and Anna are both 12x18. I'll draw on any size paper, just let me know what you would like. :D


Our Group


So, my good friend Guardian-Core2000 has recently made a new group called Multi-Portraits! And i am a proud co-founder along with ShyScope. So, if you are interested, please do check in, you never know, it might be the group for you! If you have any further questions, please dont be shy! Ask us and we will inform you! :handshake:

Alrighty. My sis was the tie-breaker, and she picked the Emperor. x) After Him? 

3 deviants said Terra Redraw
2 deviants said (My vote please don't pick this)
1 deviant said Kuja
1 deviant said Gabranth
No deviants said Warrior of Light Redraw
No deviants said Firion Redraw
No deviants said Shantotto
No deviants said Vaan


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